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A Little Background.
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Tonight's Show:

May 27 2015 ~ Chemtrails/ ET Communications

First Half: Independent researcher Peter A. Kirby has been a student of alternative media narratives which has opened his eyes to the possibility that outcomes can be engineered by vested interests to appear as natural and random. He claims that the epic drought in the West is probably the result of geo-engineering and chemtrails.

2nd Half: For 25 years Robert Perala has been researching metaphysics, the origin of the soul, Earth-based anomalies, extraterrestrial science, and NDEs. He'll discuss a variety of subjects including "The Strange Case of Mr. D," a man in Poland who has been receiving ET transmissions for over 10 years, and a photo of an ET figure taken by Jeff Grenshaw that closely resembles the beings he saw during his own abduction in 1977.

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