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A Little Background.
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Feb 13 2016 ~ Mojave Alien Abduction

In 1989, Steve and Dawn Hess headed out to the Mojave Desert, anticipating a quiet camping trip. But when they were kidnapped by what they believed to be a swarm of alien beings, the shock and pain of the experience changed their lives forever. Author Ron Felber joins Jimmy Church (email) to update us on the case, and welcome the Hess's for their first interview ever, discussing their nightmare which began when they spied hundreds of shiny objects flashing signals to one another in the nighttime sky. First hour guest, director, actor, and musician Vic Mignogna chats about his webseries Star Trek Continues.

6-10pm PT: Art Bell - Somewhere in Time returns to 5/17/96 for an intriguing night of Open Lines featuring calls from "extraterrestrials" and "immortals."

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