A Little Background.

People often ask why should I whitelist your website and let the adverts come through?  Simply the adverts help cover the the time it takes to invest in the site, and the web hosting.

For each stream listed here on this website, I manually verify that it is carrying coast when I initially add it to the site, so what that turns into is many late nights listening to the show.

When someone reports a site, I verify their claims, as sometimes people falsely report a site.

I do this site for people who can not get a station,  or are outside of the country that love the show, or when stations cancel the show. It can take several months for a new station to pick up the show, or it never gets picked back up.

This site about is helping the listener find a place to listen to the show.

This site is free, and will always remain free.


A Few Changes

A couple of changes have been made to the site, such as adding schedules to the different stations, and defining them by the type of stream .

We have Included an unofficial Coast to Coast AM Chatroom, on Sorcery IRC (#coast_to_coast) to the menu, including the rules of the network, as well as the channel rules, please respect the channel rules.

The toolbar has quick links on it to the streams and different stream types.

The Play Icon, in the center of the earth in the header is a great way to randomly pick a station. Simplifying the process. This will not pick USA only stations. It will select from all types of player links.

Advertising has been added as we would like to move away from the our current advertiser, and move directly to buy sell ads to have direct control over the adverts we place on the site.

Comment pages have been added to the site for people to comment on the show. Currently it is setup to use only facebook, I am looking at another option to allow anyone to post without actually having to use facebook. This would remove outsourcing of comments to a third party.

The Guestbook is being rebuilt, and I am going to work on saving the posts in the old guestbook, and transfer them into the new guestbook. The New Guestbook will have have antibot protection built into it.

Thank you to all of you that use the site, and to first time visitors, please take the time to bookmark the site and tell your friends about it.



Recently I was looking over all of my stats and found I was wasting over half my traffic on bots. I took the opportunity to add Cloudflare to the website to assist in blocking them. Most Websites these days are under constant attack from many threats. If you have encountered the Challenge page, it may be due to your computer being compromised and being used for nefarious purposes. Remember complacency is no excuse in 2012 where most people have a smart phone, and an assortment of technology.

Cloudflare should speed up access to the website’s static pages, as cloudflare creates a cache of the websites on multiple servers at different locations in the world. If you have any concerns feel free to post them on our facebook page.

Updates, Changes, and Facebook

I have updated the streams page to include the ability to choose the type of stream you wish to listen to. You can do this from the streams/stations page. Currently, not all of the streams are classified into their proper categories. You can still use the old method of choosing your streams by choosing the state.

I have added quick links in the top right corner of the page, but as I said not everything is categorized yet.

If you have Facebook Come on board and like the the Facebook Page. The Blog will be pulled to Facebook where people can comment on the page.

I would like to thank all of you that come and use the site.

My Best,



New Website

For the longest time we have used the old layout from 2003.. it has now time to move on and close that chapter of history.

Several things you will notice is the fact that the drop down menus are now gone. The reason is, half the time they never worked properly. In Addition, A few things will be moving off the main site into its own site. The art bell pictures will move off the main site in the next couple of months, and into their own sub-site.

The Main functionality of the site is the same, and will do its best to strive to offer free streams to the many linked radio stations.

regards, MJ

Reported Streams Update

A few days ago we noticed the site was under attack from bots, using our reported stream ability to disable over half of our listed streams. Since that has happened we have reset all those streams and are still working on eliminating the bots from having the ability to post on the site.

We apologize to those that use our site for the downtime of our links when they were needed.

regards, MJ

Canada Streams Update


Canadian Streams are back online. We had to take them offline due to the issues from Clear Channel Lawyers.

Any other stream not online will be brought online.