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Name: wilberforce
From: anniston
Added: 2011-09-11
csm norton is a security guard and an habitual liar. Ft mcclellan is shut down bout 11 yrs now you figure it out.
Name: Jason
From: Glasgow,Kentucky
Added: 2011-09-11
Just dropped in to say hello have not been listening to coast for a while my dad has been really sick....hang in there George I think your doing a wonderful job I know lots of people still yelling about Art, I loved Art as much as any listener but they got to give a guy a shot come on.
Name: Philip
From: Quebec
Website: Click Here
Added: 2011-07-11
Please let me redo this site Love the content but the site needs some help ART FOREVER!
Name: hungrier
From: paso robles, ca
Added: 2011-07-11
yo this site is the bomb diggity keep rockin in the free world.
Name: Sharon W
From: Mississippi
Added: 2011-06-11
Name: claris drouet
From: Pensacola Fla
Website: Click Here
Added: 2011-06-11
What IF It Were simply a matter of Law?
The Human beings of The Republic of The United States of America vs. The Federal Reserve Bank, Holding company of the United States of America Inc.
SUIT of Unlawful Enumeration
Claim of Common Law
This Claim is made for the sole purpose of establishing that I never wilfully
And with completely informed and total knowledge entered into any contract with
The Corporation of United States of America,
Nor with its holding company
The Federal Reserve Bank (A Private bank)
*The Federal Reserve Bank of New York is one of 12 regional Reserve Banks, which, together with the Board of Governors in Washington, D.C., make up the Federal Reserve System. The Fed, as the system is commonly called, is an independent governmental entity created by Congress in 1913 to serve as the central bank of the United States.
The above statement was taken from their online public site.
The Federal Reserve Bank is private and answers to its primary shareholders!

It is my desire to incite an intellectual REVOLUTION!

It is not my desire to overthrow The Republic of The United States of America!
Name: Virginia Catchpaugh
From: Agawam, MA
Added: 2011-06-11
Hi George,
As a baby, my daughter and I had a close relationship. One day she was fast asleep as usual in her carriage on the porch. Gram and I left to walk to church, leaving her to her Grandpa. As soon as we left, she began to cry. Grandpa, afraid to pick her up, rocked the crying baby in her carriage until we came home 3/4 hr. later.

Another time, I left my little girl with Grandma while I attended a meeting. When I arrived home, I felt her presence in northerly direction. Grandma had taken my little girl shopping with a friend, and their location was in that direction.

This ESP, or whatever it was, didn't last.

P.S. I've listened to your show for years.

Virginia Catchepaugh
Name: Command Seargent Major James N
From: Anniston Alabama
Website: Click Here
Added: 2011-04-11
This is CSM James Norton.I had a encounter in 1977 at Ft.Benning Ga.We were fired at by UFOs on a live fire range at midnight.Several were hurt that night.We had memory lapse and several troops were lost for about two hours in the woods.This was called Incident at Ft.Benning in Sept 14th 1977.The Sec of the Army,Clifford Alexander was there that night.
Name: Hasan
From: Nevada
Website: Click Here
Added: 2011-03-11
Keep up the good work, lovin' the new site look. I found this about two years ago and am so happy it's still up. Thanks alot!
Name: oldesertratt
From: High Desert
Added: 2011-02-11
Connecting to find an old friend, sort of, I drive long haul and C2C has been riding shotgun with me on XM for a little more than a million miles. Now I want to hear that chatter here at the homestead. Keep us informed and entertained. By the way I have twice witnessed unexplained aerial phenomenon--Phoenix in 97',and I can assure you that was no flare!-and a fly over on the I-80 near Sparks.

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