A couple of changes have been made to the site, such as adding schedules to the different stations, and defining them by the type of stream .

We have Included an unofficial Coast to Coast AM Chatroom, on Sorcery IRC (#coast_to_coast) to the menu, including the rules of the network, as well as the channel rules, please respect the channel rules.

The toolbar has quick links on it to the streams and different stream types.

The Play Icon, in the center of the earth in the header is a great way to randomly pick a station. Simplifying the process. This will not pick USA only stations. It will select from all types of player links.

Advertising has been added as we would like to move away from the our current advertiser, and move directly to buy sell ads to have direct control over the adverts we place on the site.

Comment pages have been added to the site for people to comment on the show. Currently it is setup to use only facebook, I am looking at another option to allow anyone to post without actually having to use facebook. This would remove outsourcing of comments to a third party.

The Guestbook is being rebuilt, and I am going to work on saving the posts in the old guestbook, and transfer them into the new guestbook. The New Guestbook will have have antibot protection built into it.

Thank you to all of you that use the site, and to first time visitors, please take the time to bookmark the site and tell your friends about it.